Personal Statement Forms

All key people involved with a business must complete a Personal Statement Form and submit a Personal Credit Check. We ask you to arrange this because If we carried out the check this would leave a "footprint" on your credit file which could impact your personal credit rating.

Key people are:

  • directors and company secretary of a limited company;
  • other people holding more than 20% of the shares in a limited company unless it can be shown that they are not actively involved in the business;
  • partners that are active in a business;
  • trustees and other senior officials that are active in the management of a charity;

You can use this link to be directed to the Experian website to order your credit report. The report costs £2.00. A link will also be provided from within OLA at the appropriate point in the application.

Personal Statement Form declaration, consents and acceptances:

  1. Have you ever been sequestrated, declared bankrupt, or been subject to an arrangement with creditors - Yes / No?
  2. Have you ever signed a Protected Trust Deed - Yes/No?
  3. Have you at any time been disqualified from being a company director under the Company Directors Disqualification Act (1986) - Yes / No?
  4. Have you at any time been the owner, partner or director of a business subject to investigation under the Companies, Financial Services or Banking Acts - Yes / No?
  5. Have you ever been found guilty of a criminal offence - Yes / No?
  6. Have you ever been investigated by the Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) or the Serious Fraud Office - Yes / No?
  7. Have you had an alias or at any time changed your name - Yes / No?
  8. Have you at any time been a director, company secretary, partner or owner of a business that has been subject to formal insolvency procedures such as Receivership, Liquidation or Administration - Yes / No?
  9. Has any business of which you have been an Owner, Partner, Director, Company Secretary or Designated Member committed a criminal offence - Yes / No?
  10. Has your auditor / accountant ever qualified the accounts of any business while you were an Owner, Partner, Director, Company Secretary or Designated Member - Yes / No?
  11. Are you aware of what money laundering is and of the duty to report such activity - Yes / No?
  12. Are you aware of when a company is insolvent and that wrongful trading and unfair preference in such a situation is an offence - Yes / No?
  13. I hereby consent to you obtaining any relevant personal or company data from for example, but not exhaustive, Experian, Equifax, Dun & Bradstreet for the purpose of ascertaining the credit worthiness of myself and the business. Other information, for example but not exhaustive, Companies House, for the purpose of obtaining accounts, annual returns etc. The Finance Department of the Council, for the purpose of ascertaining the existence, or otherwise, of rent, rates or council tax arrears.
  14. I authorise that the information provided above can be shared between WSLF, local authorities, Scottish Enterprise, Business Gateway, Scottish Government, HMRC, Police Scotland and any other lenders, investors or proposed lenders or investors in the company.
  15. I acknowledge WSLF has been part financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Lowlands and Uplands Scotland 2007-2013 (European Structural Funds) Programmes.
  16. As a recipient of ERDF funding and on behalf of my business I accept the obligation to co-operate fully in the event of an audit and will make such information available as auditors require before, during and after the audit throughout the auditable life of the Fund.
  17. The information I have provided in this application and any supporting documentation is, as far as I believe, accurate and complete. I accept that any offer of loan funding will be based on the information provided.
  18. I accept that we will have to immediately pay back all or part of any loan funding we receive if any information in this application or any supporting document is found to be incorrect, or if we do not meet the conditions under which the loan funding is offered.
  19. I accept we agree to maintain proper business insurance cover e.g. Employer's Liability Insurance, Public Liability Insurance.
  20. I accept we agree to continually comply with all current UK and European laws including the Equality Act 2010 and the Health and Safety Act 1974.
  21. I agree to comply with the National Minimum Wage legislation.
  22. I agree that you may consult any other person, bank or company named in this application.
  23. I shall provide you with up to date financial information including management accounts and audited or certified annual accounts.
  24. I accept that your decision on whether or not to offer loan funding is final and we cannot appeal against it.

Details are required where the response to questions 1 to 10 is "Yes".

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